Feature Recipes

Bulletproof Winter Warmer

You’ve probably already heard of bulletproof coffee and the benefits it has to burn fat and increase energy. I thought I would try a variation of this recipe by adding other energising ingredients and giving a miss on the coffee. Ready to burn fat…

July 12, 2017

5 ways to de-bloat your tummy

Bloating is something many of us (if not all!) have experienced throughout our lifetime, it makes us feel sluggish and it is an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Bloating can be caused by over eating (yes we are all guilty of this one!) or under eating, the…

May 10, 2017

Meal Prep Hacks – Keeping it simple

Meal prepping may be overwhelming and seem impossible but I am here to break it down for you and show you just how easy it is to plan your meals ahead. Firstly, having a structure helps us stay on track and it is no…

April 26, 2017
Feature Recipes

Raw Easter Choccy

Easter is my favourite holiday of the year, we get to unwind and spend lots of time with our family, cook amazing food and eat it too! It truly is a special time of the year. When creating this raw chocolate recipe I was…

April 12, 2017
Feature Recipes

Vegan Poke’ Bowl

With all the Poke’ craze lately I thought I would try my own variation of a Poke’ bowl. This is such an easy recipe and only takes 20 minutes. It’s a good one to make when you are in a rush. Serves approx 3-4 people What…

March 15, 2017
Blog Feature

Be Here Now – Mindfulness at Work

There is a misconception that to be “mindful” you need to sit in a dark room and meditate without any distractions. However, mindfulness is something we can all implement in our daily crazy and busy lives. To be mindful is to be in the…

March 8, 2017
Blog Feature

Reflecting on my 25 years

I turned 25 this week and I thought I would share with you all what I have learnt throughout my 25 years. Hope you enjoy my first vlog 🙂…

March 1, 2017

No excuses lunchtime workout

You can do these exercises pretty much anywhere during your lunch break and they won’t even take you 30 mins. So no excuses my friends, grab your colleagues and weerrrkkout! Repeat these exercises 3 or 4 times 🙂 Enjoy!…

February 22, 2017
Blog Feature

Smash your goals in 2017!

Ok so we are mid way through Feb (is anyone else having heart palpitations reading that, or is it just me!), and we have probably well and truly broken our new years resolutions so now it is time to buckle down, get serious and…

February 15, 2017

3 Energising Summer Smoothies

Summer is in full swing and I cannot get enough of smoothies. They are so refreshing, good for you and easy to make. These are my 3 favourite summer smoothies that will give you a nice buzz of energy. *Each recipe is for one…

February 1, 2017
Blog Feature

A few words from a young lawyer

For those of you that don’t know, I am a junior banking and finance lawyer in a commercial firm in Melbourne. With my first anniversary as a lawyer having just passed I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the past year and…

January 25, 2017